Application Management


It is our job to run and optimize applications.

The tasks of our Application Management department are to control and define how business applications are developed, managed, optimized and improved. It takes a traditional approach and adds Operate and Optimize to the standard Software Development Lifecycle.

The components of the lifecycle are:

> Requirements

> Design

> Build

> Deploy

> Operate

> Optimize


We deal with Patching, Hot Fixing, Testing, Customizing and Individual Reporting/Statistics, Availability analyses and consultation, SLA on application level, processes which conform to ITIL, SLA reporting...

Our Service is "calculable", meaning you benefit from being able to calculate and limit the costs which are arising after start up and therefore you are able reduce the total costs.

You tell us what your goals are and together we'll define the options and scope of service that best suit your needs. And where we can, we optimize – in record time and with no downtime.

So you can focus more on your core business, increase your cost transparency, and ease your admin workload. We deliver the right result for you by first understanding your needs, then aligning those needs with the relevant outcomes; then we guarantee to deliver them.

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