Blue Portal IT Consulting offers the services of:

- Consulting and strategy

- Design, applications, customization, integration,

- Application Management - System architecture, service operations, support.

for the world's leading open source platform: Liferay.


Blue Portal IT Consulting has been working with Liferay for the past four years. We have become experts.

Liferay Development Services


We offer to our customers consulting services and the development of Liferay.

Initially, it is very important to interpret carefully the requirements and needs of the client, thereby we can achieve them successfully.

Afterwards, we have to analyze and study all those needs from the client, to see how we can mach them with what Lifery brings, so we can help the customer in a better way. 

The most common services we can offer with Liferay are:

> Liferay Instalation

> Liferay Administration

> Liferay Configuration

> Development and customization of Portlets, Themes, Hooks and Layouts

> CMS Configuration and Development

Combination of Technologies and Tools


When developing Liferay, we make also use of several technologies and tools that provide us several ways to improve the functionality of the portlet to implement.

Some of those Technologies that we normally use are:

> Liferay Developer Studio


> jQuery + Alloy UI

> Java Build Tools: Ant, Maven


> CSS3

> Javascript

> Velocity




> Atlassian JIRA (Issue tracking)

> BugZilla


Possibility of choosing between different Databases


Liferay Portal was designed to be database agnostic. To make this possible, all business logic had to be concentrated in the middle tier with the database being as dumb as possible.

This means the portal does not rely on any database specific stored procedures or on the database to generate unique keys.


We have experience using many databases with Liferay. Like the following:

> PostgreSQL


> Oracle

> Microsoft SQL Server