Support and Maintenance


Ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement of an organization's products and applications are challenges that every organization faces as its business requirements evolve. At the same time, they also present a strong potential for cost savings in global enterprises.


The benefits of our application maintenance and support are:

> Lower recurring cost of maintaining existing applications

> Improved quality and consistent services levels

> Lower risk of downtime

> Greater end-user satisfaction


Our preventive maintenance helps to avoid future issues, while we enable you to quickly research and resolve issues.

The services of maintenance and Support that Blue Portal IT Consulting offers, provides you with the security of knowing that you have access to expertise and support when the unexpected occurs.

Our service solutions include all the critical elements to help make your network operation successful:

> Version upgrades

> Version enhancements

> Error tracking and debugging

> Performance monitoring

> Performance testing

> Technical troubleshooting

> Quality assurance testing

> Documentation development and maintenance

> Capacity management

> Web and phone support


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