Passion for technology


We remain committed to delivering satisfaction through our software solutions.

To achieve this, we use the latest technologies, processes, paradigms, development tools, and design approaches.

Our extensive knowledge gives us the ability to use the best fitting technology.


We study the technology to optimize it and fix any problems.

We also work directly with customer, and we enjoy this direct interaction and feedback, as we see how our daily work helps to improve their business.







Liferay Portal offers more out of the box portlets than any similar portal available. 

With Liferay, projects are completed faster and with smaller budgets so you can see immediate results.

With content, collaboration and portal features, your solutions require minimal customization.


We have worked with Liferay for several years, and have become very experienced with creating custom portlets using this software.

One of the advantages of this software is the numbers of portlets available. Our services reach from developing a concept for you portal to administration after a successful implementation.